Terms of Use(Version of December 4, 2021)

These conditions govern the commissioning of the application and its operations by users.

Responsibility of the author of the application

We, Bila Koara, Developer of the application, can in no way be held responsible for what users publish as photos or comments through the application.

We reserve full rights and powers to delete accounts or photo albums when we deem these Terms of Use are not respected, and that, without having to warn anyone.

Without notice to anyone, we reserve the right to provide the relevant authorities with the IP addresses of users when we believe that the facts of which they are accused justify it.

All photos submitted by users are compressed to reduce their size. This could impact on their visual quality.

Rights and duties of the user

Any user creating an account on the app must be at least 12 years old.

Under no circumstances should the user post images or comments that violate the legal provisions of their country of residence, which infringe copyrights, incite hatred of others or incite unlawful acts of any kind. That said, the user has the moral and legal duty to publish decent pictures and comments.
The user is solely responsible for everything he publishes through the application.

The user must under no circumstances create an account by usurping another identity.

All photo albums published by each user are public. Which implies that they are accessible by any other user (whether friend or foe of the user).
However, the user has the possibility to define which category of person can interact with each photo album he creates.

The user, for any action, must only use the graphical interface offered by the application.
Any attempt to manipulate web requests made by the application is an attempt to hack with all the consequences that might follow.

The user's device saves some cookies from the application for the sole purpose of providing a proper user experience.
So, to refuse these cookies is also to refuse to use the application. On this point, there is no half measure.

These cookies identify any visitor with a unique identifier. Are stored in cookies: the reference of the user account, the authentication token and a property indicating that the user consents to the use of cookies
In addition, any operation performed on your account creates an entry in a history set, which entry is associated with your encrypted IP address. We register the IP address of the user for the sole purpose of being able to settle any possible litigation related to any action of the user.

When the user deletes his account, all the data associated with it are permanently deleted.

The application uses third-party services for geolocation by IP address.

The application could use third-party services to collect anonymous data relating to the use of the application by our users. Example of anonymous data that could be collected: pages views, browser used, visit time, ... etc.